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March 15, 2023


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Dash Home Inspection Launches New Well Inspection Service in Charles Town, WV

CHARLES TOWN, WVDash Home Inspection is pleased to announce the launch of its new Well Inspection service. The company’s latest service offering provides homeowners in Charles Town, WV and the surrounding area, with a comprehensive inspection of their well system to ensure that it is safe, reliable, and functioning correctly.

With years of experience in the home inspection industry, the team at Dash Home Inspection understands the importance of a properly functioning well system. As part of their new Well  Inspection service, the company’s skilled home inspectors will thoroughly assess and evaluate every aspect of the well system, including the pump, pressure tank, pipes, and electrical connections. They will also perform a water quality test to ensure that the well is providing safe and clean water to the home. Dash Home Inspection is a leading home inspection company dedicated to providing trustworthy, professional inspection services to homeowners in Charles Town, WV and the surrounding area. From buyer home inspections to radon testing, pre-drywall inspection to mold assessment, the company’s team of licensed and experienced inspectors uses cutting-edge equipment to check for any potential safety hazards. With years of experience in the industry, Dash Home Inspection guarantees that your home is safe, secure, and in optimal condition. Wanderson Silva, owner and certified lead home inspector of Dash Home Inspection, believes that a healthy well system is essential to the health and safety of every home. Through a quality Well Inspection service, Dash Home Inspection can help homeowners in Charles Town, WV  and the surrounding area, ensure that their well system is in good condition and providing safe, clean water to their families. To learn more and to schedule a Well Inspection and ensure the health and safety of your well system, visit Dash Home Inspection or call (304) 314-3274 today!

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Well Inspection Service

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