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Home Inspection

Buying A Home May Be One Of The Biggest Investment You’ll Ever Make

Home Inspection

Congratulations, your offer was accepted, and you’re going to be a homeowner! Just one more step before you pop the champagne – now is the time to find out exactly what you are buying. Dash Home Inspection will make sure your dream home isn’t hiding any expensive surprises.

You can trust the experts in home inspection in Charles Town WV and the 4-State region. A home inspection may seem daunting, but I make it simple for you. I inspect the entire property and look for any problems you might face later. You are welcome to walk with me as I do the inspection. Then I will give you a report that lists everything I found.

No home is perfect, not even your dream home. You need to know exactly what you are buying when you spend all that money. Don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars only to discover your new home has expensive problems. Or, worse yet, problems that can’t be fixed. I can make sure that doesn’t happen in two simple steps. First, schedule your home inspection before you close on your loan. Then hire me for the best home inspection in Charles Town WV, or anywhere else in the 4-State area.

I provide the most professional, complete, and accurate assessment you can find. I thoroughly check a home’s major features, including the foundation, roof, walls, attic, basement, plumbing, electrical system, garage, and large appliances. You can even come along with me for a guided walkthrough to gain a complete understanding of the home’s condition.

I will check all of the home's major structures and features including:

Home Inspection, Home Inspection

The home’s Basic Structure

Your home inspector will look for damage to the home’s foundation and support and any other structural issues.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection

Roof and Attic System

I’ll look for signs of leaks, structural damage, or insulation issues. I’ll make sure gutters and rain guards are working properly.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection

Basement | Crawl Spaces | Slab

I’ll look for water damage in key areas that can quickly lead to major issues.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection

Plumbing System

I’ll make sure the toilets and water flow, shut off and turn back on at the right times. I’ll look for leaks and test your water heater.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection

Electrical System

I will make sure your home is properly grounded and that your circuit breaker, wiring, ceiling fans, and outlets are working.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection


I'll make sure that your oven, dishwasher, and other large appliances are working and safe to use.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection


I’ll look for damage to the garage door, walls, ceiling, and floor and check the garage door opener.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection

HVAC Systems

I will ensure that your home’s heating and cooling system is running properly.

3 Home Inspection Tips For Buyers

Home Inspection, Home Inspection


An inspection contingency can help you keep your deposit if you find a major problem with your home. Ask your real estate agent to include an inspection contingency in your offer.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection


Look for an inspector who is state licensed and has certification from a professional home inspection organization like InterNACHI.

Home Inspection, Home Inspection


You’re free to attend your home inspection and ask questions throughout the process.

Dash Home Inspection - New LogoA thriving job market, great house values, entrepreneurial growth, dynamic festival scenes, and pretty much anything you could ever need or want in a city to work, live, and play in, Charles Town WV makes one of the most liveable places in America.

Are you ready to move to Charles Town WV makes one of the most liveable? Then I at Dash Home Inspection am ready to be your home buying advocate making sure you find the perfect place to hang your hat.

Our professional home inspectors will thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the house or condo you are looking to buy. Our pros at Dash Home Inspection do their job with due diligence to make sure I uncover any issues or concerns that could potentially impact the property value before closing a sale. All findings will be included in a comprehensive digital inspection report that will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

Schedule your home inspection service online right from our website TODAY or call NOW at (304) 314-3274 .

…Because a quality home for your family deserves no less than a quality home inspection service | Dash Home Inspection

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